People’s Democratic Republic of Puerto Rico?

Perhaps you heard that Puerto Rico was almost totally blacked out by a fire in an aging oil-fired power plant.

Did you hear why?

Well, it is an aging plant. It needs to be replaced. The Puerto Ricans want to replace it. You might expect that to be a no-brainer, since old plants are harder to maintain and the EPA’s new particulate emissions rules virtually require old oil plants to shut down.

The Environmental “Protection” Agency wouldn’t let them.

It might endanger sea turtles. And coral reefs.

The EPA has delayed the upgrade for two years and counting.

Welcome to the future envisioned by the DC envirowackos.


On the bright side, if they get the lightsd back on, and keep them on for long enough to hold another referendum, this is the perfect time for the secessionist faction to push for independence again. “America won’t let us have electricity. We have to be independent if you want to keep the lights on”


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