Ayotte should be gone, but this isn’t why

NH voters hold Ayotte accountable for gun control votes
Just months after my mom was killed, the U.S. Senate was set to consider the Manchin-Toomey bill that would have expanded background checks for gun sales. I joined other gun violence survivors on Capitol Hill asking senators to vote for stronger gun laws. As a fellow New Englander, I tried to meet with Sen. Ayotte, but she never made time to talk to me.

Then she voted against the bill. In a subsequent constituent meeting in her office, Ayotte told me that expanded background checks would be a burden on gun store owners. That was her word – a burden. As if having my mother murdered in an elementary school was not a burden I will live with for the rest of my days.


Quite aside from the inconvenient fact that expanded preemptively-prove-your-innocence checks wouldn’t have stopped Some Asshole who murdered his his mother and stole her guns, Ayotte’s actions are mischaracterized.

They were worse.

In fact, Ayotte pissed off RKBA supporters by voting for cloture on the Gottlieb-Manchin-Toomey-Schumer victim disarmament amendment so that it could go to a vote. But when it did go to the Senate floor, she finally voted against in a pique of ire because Senate leaders wouldn’t let her further amend it to add even more restrictions based on mental health.

Ayotte was fine with the human/civil rights violations already in the amendment; she just wanted even more.


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