I’m a little tired of hearing about that California “drought”


California Drought Plan Would Bar Driveway Hosing
The proposals would create new water conservation targets for the Golden State’s more than 400 water suppliers, force farmers to submit annual irrigation usage reports and ban residents from hosing driveways and overwatering lawns.

Yep, years into an alleged drought, and they’re still deciding if they should stop over-watering, or hosing down driveways.

This is “drought” in California.

This is “drought” pretty much anywhere else in the world.

SoCal is a desert. In modern times, an irrigated desert, but still a desert. They know this, so they whine about normal conditions. Why, you may ask?

More frickin’ water. From everyone else. To support over-watering, driveway-hosing, and swimming pools.


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