QOTD: “You cain’t bring no dawg in heah.”

OK, this one requires context.

Seems some guy supposedly* tried to rob a credit union in Jacksonville this morning. Held eleven people hostage for a couple of hours before JSO SWAT took advantage of a distraction to get in and capture the guy. On the one hand, kudos to LE for ending it without anyone getting shot.

On the other hand, apparently the entire JSO was tied up in that one incident for a couple of hours. If I were the bank robbing type, I’d have hit a financial institution across town while they were preoccupied.

But this evening, one of the TV stations was interviewing ex-hostages. One man described the wannabe-robber coming in. With his dog. Which returns us to the quote.

“You cain’t bring no dawg in heah.”

And then he said he saw the freelance redistributionist’s gun — which he fired into the ceiling.

Never mind. Come right in, Fido.

* “Supposedly,” because it sounds more like a crazy cry for help than a real robbery. This guy’s main demand was for family to come talk to him.

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