What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Gun From a Pawn Shop Hiring A Lawyer

Sometimes it’s pretty obvious whether or not you should hire a particular attorney. If he advertises in the middle of late night infomercials, keep flipping channels.

Other times you have to wait for him to open his mouth.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Gun From a Pawn Shop
Licensed or Private?
First and foremost, you’ll want to be familiar with your state laws on gun sales. While these statutes mainly apply to the gun dealer, you don’t want a sale or your ownership to be revoked because the pawn broker failed to dot his i’s or cross his t’s. And restrictions on pawn shop guns sales will mostly be determined by whether the seller is considered a licensed dealer or a private one.

Note that Coble, Esq. specifies that this is about “buying a gun from a pawn shop (emphasis added-cb).” You weren’t browsing the store when some dude walked in to pawn a Clerk 1st revolver, for which you offer him one buck more than the pawn shop will, because it’s the perfect piece you need to complete your “Urban Gangbanger POS” collection.

Tip: If a pawn shop sells guns, it must be a Type 02 FFL. If the shop is selling the gun, it cannot be a “private sale.”

If an… attorneyspecifically writing about firearms law — doesn’t know this, keep flipping channels. You’ll probably have better luck with the infomercial lawyers.

Update: Finally.

Editor’s note, December 14, 2016: This article has been updated to clarify that pawn shops must have a proper license to sell guns legally.


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