And suddenly I’m in favor of a border wall

True, I’m not exactly a closed borders advocate, but if we can keep the snowflakes from reproducing…

2nd California Student vows to remove penis if Trump builds wall
In a bizarre show of solidarity with fellow University of California student Seth Greenberg, Sophomore Jakob Connulson has also pledged to remove his penis if Trump adds any additional structure to the existing US-Mexico border wall. Apparently, Greenberg and Connulson are members of a private campus group known as the “Open Borders Friends,” described by one source as being a group of radical students who don’t believe in the validity of Sovereign states.

In fact, I’ll provide some edged implements. I have three swords and a cane knife so they can do multiple removals at a time.


“I feel that the penis represents my anger about an oppressive male dominated culture, and I would be fine with not having one.”

…I’m not sure “he” really has one now.


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