Oh, hell no.


Let’s begin:

February 10: Oroville Dam Break Growing, But No Evacuations — Yet
Despite the growing break in the Oroville Dam spillway, there are no evacuation plans downstream along the Feather River for Sutter County or Sacramento Counties at this time.

Ho hum. Nothing to see here.

February 12: Evacuations ordered over concerns at California dam system
At least 188,000 people have evacuated from several Northern California counties after damage to a spillway at the Oroville Dam.

Then again…

February 14: Evacuations lifted for communities below Oroville Dam
Authorities lifted mandatory evacuation orders Tuesday for communities below the Oroville Dam.

Never mind. All is sweetness and light again.

But I missed a little something, which my sister brought to my attention.

February 9: Hatchery Emptied as Oroville Dam Spillway Crumbles
California state workers are using tanker trucks to evacuate millions of baby native salmon from a fish hatchery threatened by the crumbling spillway of a major dam.

California Department of Water Resources officials say the torrents of mud, concrete and other debris from the Oroville Dam spillway on Thursday is threatening survival of the young salmon at the Feather River hatchery.

Hatchery managers plan to truck the hatchery’s young salmon to another holding point farther away from the dam.

Yep. Days before the “authorities” saw fit to mention to humans that “maybe just maybe you oughta get outa here”, they were evacuating freaking fish.

Trump’s concerned about illegal aliens voting in Kalifornicatia? I’m thinking it’s Democrat salmon, who clearly have more rights and protection than mere humans. You know, the ones who went for Trump in the 2016 general popularity contest.


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