Hollyweird is slipping

Sic ’em, Social Justice Howler Monkeys!

Upon awakening and checking news, I was involuntarily exposed to the… news irrelevant factoid that La La Land (which I’ve never seen) did not win the Oscars Politically Correct Yet Ostentatiously Gold-plated Androgynous Humanoid Figurine Best Picture award. Turns out it was won by Moonlight, a film which not only have I never seem, but never even heard of until yesterday afternoon. So I braced my self and looked it up.

As best I can tell, Moonlight is the glorification of underage gay black sex, the best and only kind the main character has ever had. I wish I were kidding.

But how dare they not make the heroheroineprotagonist a transgendered transracial Neutrois? Aren’t they supposed to be all politically correctly inclusive and diverse now?

Wait… Isn’t “Oscar” a traditionally white cis-male name in the oppressive white male culture?


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