And the NYPD cheered

It isn’t the sort of “wiggle room” they would have you think.

Police Warning Shots May Be In For A Comeback
Last fall, the International Association of Chiefs of Police and 10 other law enforcement groups got together to work out a consensus policy on the use of force — a sort of model document for local departments that want to update their rules. When the document came out in January, it contained a surprise: It allowed for warning shots.
But Cunningham says the motivation for the change is to give officers a little more wiggle room when faced with a threat.

“I didn’t miss; those were just 47 warning shots.”


One thought on “And the NYPD cheered

  1. Leonard Jones March 31, 2017 / 11:30 pm

    Back when I was young man, most police departments had a Fleeing Felon Rule.
    If “Halt or I’ll shoot” was not immediately obeyed, there was one warning shot
    fired. If the guy kept running, it was one round right through the shoulder blades.

    Funny, but in those days criminals obeyed commands to halt! I have often said
    the Fleeing Felon Rule could be used a half dozen times and it would put an end
    to high speed freeway chases.

    Imagine if the cops used the shoot to kill rule at Florence and Normandie in 92,
    it would have been a dozen gangbangers dead vs the 60 innocents who died
    because the cops were ordered to put their thumbs up their rectal orifices. Then
    there was two or so billion in damages for their savage rampage!

    Anything that makes it easier for cops to blow away violent criminals, I am all for it!


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