Kings Bays Sub Base Sonic Weapon System, part whatever

It’s been a month since I had any further information about the dangerously loud Kings Bay Sub Base PA system. The TL;DR is that the moronic Scott Bassett, Public Affairs Officer, informed me that the — and note this detail — routine, quarter-hourly blasts are coming from approximately 3.5 miles further away than I’d guessed, and that they aren’t going to do a damned thing about it.

Today, I got a voicemail from Katie in Senator Perdue’s DC office.*

She says she referred it to the Senate Naval Liaison, and a state staffer contacted the base commander, who claimed it’s an emergency system and will not be adjusted. Remember that these are routine, quarter-hourly “This is a restricted area… use of deadly force is authorized.”

Emergency, my ass.

I returned Katie’s call and left my own voicemail stating these are routine, quarter-hourly announcements, that PAO Bassett claims it comes from Waterfront Restricted Area (4 miles away), and are apparently even louder than I estimated based on my 1/2 mile perimeter guess (for origin). I noted that during my own military time, working in restricted areas, I never saw “routine” announcements like this. I would have further reiterated that these announcements weren’t even audible at all (per a long time resident) until roughly the Fall of 2014, but her voicemail system cut me off. I would also have told her about the time my 93 year old, mostly deaf father stepped outside during one of the extra loud weapons tests, and heard it so clearly that he turned to see who was talking to him (I can only spend limited time in the room when he’s watching the news because has to turned the volume pretty high. But still lower than the base PA.)

Ah, well. As for the announcements themselves, for the past couple of weeks, I sometimes don’t hear them at all, sometimes their quite audible outside, and occasionally I still hear them inside the house. I

* Katie’s message included the tidbit that they didn’t get around to this for two months because their email system is backlogged. Something to consider when attempting to contact Perdue.

But then, Senator Isakson’s office hasn’t responded yet either.


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