Hmm… says here:
Data from 2013, the most recent reporting year from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, showed that there were an estimated 99,600 firearms-related injuries in the United States that required at least emergency department treatment. Of those, approximately 25 percent were in children under 16.

My bad. Just kidding. That’s “99,600 ATV-related injuries.” That would be 24,900 ATV-related injuries of people under 16.

Firearms now: 2013 saw 73,505 nonfatal firearms injuries; 26,095 fewer than ATVs. 2,052 people under the age of 16 were injured; 22,848 fewer than ATV-related injuries.

Yep, children under 16 were 12 times more likely to be injured by ATVs than by firearms.

We must ban guns.


Let’s be fair. Estimates of the number of firearms in America range from 265 million to 750 million. Maybe there are simply a helluvalot more ATVs than guns. That would skew the results.

Nope. 6 million ATVs. Just 2.26% (or less) of the number of firearms, yet a hell of a lot more injuries.

Shall we look at swimming pool:firearms comparisons?


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