Please don’t vote

You’re too freaking stupid.

Georgia special election is a Rorschach test for the Trump era
There stands Adriane Cooper, a Sandy Springs teacher wielding a “Vote Your Ossoff” placard and a chip on her shoulder from Donald Trump’s presidential win. She was drawn like a magnet to the Democratic newcomer who has put Tuesday’s special election to represent a swath of suburban Atlanta at the scorching center of the nation’s political debate.

This is the first time I’ve been old enough to vote against the people in charge, the people I don’t agree with,” the 25-year-old said. “And this is my way to channel that energy.” (emphasis added-cb)

You’re 25 years old, you moron. You’ve been old enough to vote since 2010. You’ve missed two general election cycles, two mid-term cycles, and who knows how special and local elections. If you meant this is the first time you vote against folks specifically “in charge” and with whom you disagree…

Your former Representative was Republican. Since you’re touting a Dem, I expect you probably would have disagreed with him. You were old enough to vote against him. You district has historically gone Republican; did you just this year suddenly turn Dim?

Don’t vote. You are either too damned ignorant, or too crazy.


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