Somehow, his technological supremacy leaves me unimpressed

Over at Watts Up With That we find this gem of a comment:

Lasers, drones, and cyberwarfare, oh my!

I suspect it is not fuzzy, treehugging liberals developing weapons-grade lasers. Nor does the threat of computer hacking from a guy who didn’t notice that his IP address was logged particularly scare me. Drones?

The Predator is a remotely piloted aircraft. It is controlled by a pair of operators sitting in an elaborate control system, which links to the aircraft by C-band datalink or Ku-band satellite link.

Not an iPad. Not WiFi or 4G cellular.

And Mr. Scorpion might wish to consider that — as with laser weapons — it isn’t fuzzy, treehugging liberals who have the drones at this time. I doubt that — during the current administration, it’s… remotely possible.


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