United Airlines has adopted being sued as a business model

Looks like it anyway.

United cremated giant bunny without her permission, breeder says
The owner of the giant rabbit who died in the care of United Airlines last Tuesday says the scandal-scarred airline cremated her bunny’s remains so she would never know the truth about how it died.
United claimed the rabbit was alive when it was taken out of the cargo section of a Boeing 767.

The airline’s CEO, Oscar Munoz, tried to apologize after the rabbit’s death, but drew fire for likening the pet to misplaced bags.
A source told the outlet that bumbling Chicago airport workers killed the bunny by mistakenly leaving it in a freezer overnight.


1. Giant rabbit dies.
2. United says, “Ain’t our fault.”
3. Breeder states publicly and explicitly that she wants the body back for a post-mortem exam.
4. United CEO Munoz calls Simon “lost baggage.”
5. Leaker says the rabbit was “accidentally” put in a freezer.
6. United cremates someone else’s property without permission and against stated wishes.

I’ll be darned if I can figure out how someone can “accidentally” put a three-foot long rabbit in a cage into a freezer. But I can see someone putting a dead rabbit in a freezer to preserve it pending proper disposition. Did the rabbit die in-flight? Was it mistakenly put in an unpressurized hold on the plane? I guess we’ll — conveniently for United — never know now.

Makes you wonder about all other baggage United loses. One hopes they aren’ty just burning it after check-in to save fuel.


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