Panic at Patheos: Guns! Guns on Campus!

Now that’s funny.

Gun Crazy Georgia Passes ‘One Book, One Gun Law’
Governor Andrew Canard of Georgia (R) officially “bettered” the campus carry rule for firearms for state institutions of higher learning by signing a law mandating students one gun for every book on his or her person. Students are now allowed to carry firearms on campuses in ten states. HB 280, commonly called the One Book, One Gun Law makes Georgia the most pro-gun state for campus carry. Critics of the law are calling the state Gun Crazy Georgia.

If that’s so “common,” how come it’s the first time I heard it?

Why these idiots are so panicky over firearms on campus in the hands of adults who have undergone background checks to confirm that they are not criminals, crazy, or otherwise prohibited persons beat the hell out of me. Do they think that they’ll suddenly be surrounded by weapons toters?

First, given the anti-gun, left-leaning tendencies of most US college student these days (see Berkeley), I doubt that many of them would bother to get a license and lawful weaponry. And the previous law banning weapons on campus didn’t seem to deter criminals.

Second — and the kicker — these clowns are already surrounded by people with firearms. Georgia has an estimated population of 10,214,860. Georgia also has over 700,000 people with concealed weapons licenses: 6.8% of the population. Roughly 7 in every hundred people.

Why is that only a problem on campus?

That 700,000+ is just the folks who bothered with a carry license. It doesn’t count all the folks with guns at home or at work. If you walk or drive through any neighborhood, I’ll guarantee you’re surrounded by enough guns to arm a military unit.

In rural areas, that’s enough guns to arm a large military unit. It generally isn’t a problem, other than some neighborhoods in cities.

All those guns everywhere… but it’s on campus where these sniveling snowflakes suddenly soil their undies.


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