That SOB is going to get someone killed

I’ve mentioned the idiot chief meteorologist at Jacksonville’s channel 4. I sometimes watch his segment just to see what stupidity he’ll come up with: the sun setting an hour early, the North Pole melting in the middle of winter, other dumbass stuff. But today…

My sister told me she got a tornado warning alert on her phone, so I pulled up weather reports and radar. I knew there was a strong thunderstorm to the north. Sure enough, Doppler radar indicating a possible tornado and a spotter reporting a funnel cloud.

7 miles north of us, moving east.

While I was doing that, my sister turned on channel 4, where Chief Moron John Gaughan was reporting the tornado and helpfully pointing it out on a map.

A couple miles southwest of us. Basically heading our way.

Well, I knew that was unlikely, given what I’d seen on radar… and what I could eyeball in the frickin’ sky: scattered clouds to the south, powerful storm to the north.

That fucking microcephalic moron was warning the wrong area, and ignoring the actual path.

He’s going to get someone killed. They need to pull him off the air.


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