Trying to understand the market

I don’t buy weed, so I’m not sure how the that market works. I always assumed it was about like any other black market. But now I’m not sure.

Tip about U-Haul truck leads to seizure of ‘exotic drugs,’ 3 arrests
“This is just not your regular marijuana seizure,” Hambrick said. “You have to understand that commercial-grade marijuana that’s seized from Mexico, into Texas, and over to Atlanta is sold and purchased for fractions of what it’s actually worth.”

Hambrick said during those seizures marijuana is selling at $50 or $100 a pound, but Wednesday’s seizure “had the potential to go for as much as $4,500 a pound.”

Part of the problem is parsing those statements to extract something resembling meaning.

Are they selling marijuana — that was seized by law enforcement in Mexico, Texas, and Georgia — at a steep discount because they got it well below usual wholesale prices? From said cops?

Is weed actually $50-100 per pound, and the cops inflate the street value so they can claim a giant bust? Heavens forfend!

Does grass cost $50-100/pound, and the War on (Some) Drugs artificially drives the street price up 9,000 percent? If so, have the cops consider killing the drug market by… I don’t know… ending WO(S)D subsidies and price supports?

Hambrick didn’t specify the exact street value of the drugs seized, but estimated them to be between $300,000 to $350,000.

Or whatever’ll get him that next promotion.


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