Door Kickers*

Gun bans? 2nd Amendment repeal? All the rest?

Do you really want to kick in millions of doors because it’s possible someone might be well-armed?

When you don’t how many of what guns maybe they’ve got?

Because some idiot couldn’t be bothered to report a crazy prohibited person to NICS?

How much money do you think you’ll need to pay enough people to conduct warrantless raids in fear of tens of millions of well-armed residents?

I’d say, “Good luck with that,” but good luck isn’t what I’d be wishing for jackbooted stormtroopers.

* I’ve explained all this in rather carefully sourced detail elsewhere. This is for Attention Deficit Disorder “journalists” and snowflakes who have trouble with anything beyond 30 second sound bites.

One thought on “Door Kickers*

  1. Ruth February 21, 2018 / 9:46 am

    NY just had some huge number of technical felons created, as the 5yr renewal requirement of the SAFE act went into effect.

    While I have no doubt that they’ll be delighted to tack a felony charge on if they catch you for some other reason, there isn’t one sheriffs dept in upstate NY that wants to try to go knock on doors. Hell, the STATE COPS don’t even want to. I was laughing a bit at the quotes in the news, and press releases. Every one of them knows that trying to go round up all those new felons would be a deadly thing.


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