[UPDATE] Counterfeit News Network

CNN presented “David Hogg” as a survivor of the Parkland high school shooting in Florida on Valentine’s Day.

Just one little problem: “Same look, same name”.

Videos and other documentation: It very much looks as if “David Hogg,” presented as a survivor of the Parkland high school shooting, graduated in 2015.

From Redondo Shores HS.

In California.

A former classmate reports he always wanted to work for CNN and be an actor. Looks like he fulfilled both dreams: playing a Florida student on CNN.

Technically, he didn’t die at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High-School, so I guess in CNN’s world that makes him a survivor

Rebuttal: “David Hogg” was interviewed in Los Angeles and says he is a Stoneman student.

Perhaps. Oddly though, a web search doesn’t turn up any “David Hogg” of that general age in that part of Florida. We’ll see.

ETA: Someone noted that “Eagles” is seen on a shirt in the alleged yearbook photo. Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS athletics name is Eagles, but the shirt still doesn’t seem to match the school logo.

Maybe he’s legit, but I still find it odd that I find no traces of him in Florida until the shooting, but he does keep turning up in the Los Angeles area (before and after).

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