Killers for Gun Control

Repentent New York school shooter pens letter from jail praising ‘courageous and inspiring’ Florida school shooting survivors for demanding gun control laws
Wannabe Mass-Murderer Sides with Victim Disarmers
A New York school shooter recently penned a letter from jail praising Florida students for being ‘courageous and inspiring’ while demanding politicians take action against gun violence.

A would-be mass murderer stole a gun, took it to a gun-free zone, and shot someone. All illegal then and now.

And he sides with puppets David and Emma of “Never Again MSD” to be sure schools remain “gun-free” helpless victim zones. Fuuny; this chumbucket had to be stopped by faculty, too. So where were the cops paid to protect us their butts?

He wants “gun safety” of the sort that won’t stop him should he decide to try again after his projected 2021 release.

Reminds of that night a bunch of convicted felons were watching a TV program advocating gun control. “Oh, yeah. Do that. Won’t stop me getting a gun, and I’ll know nobody else does.”

In a rational world, in which the “news” was there to inform rather than manipulate, you’d think someone would wonder, “If bad guys are the strongest advocates for gun control, is this really what we want to do?”

Unless the gun controller are violent criminals waiting to happen.


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