Suck it up, Brit Buttercup

Parents take their CHILDREN to join heavily-armed protesters angry at plans to ban assault rifles like the AR-15 used during the Parkland school shooting
Young children were seen among dozens of heavily-armed protesters gathered in Boulder, Colorado, to show their anger at plans to ban assault rifles.

Yeah, we do that. Because we aren’t pussies.

Heck, my toddler grandniece also carries a Nerf gun in her backpack. And she’s been taught things like keeping her finger off the trigger until it’s time shoot, and to not point at anything she isn’t planning to shoot.

One thing she probably has in common with Rory is diapers: she carries a spare, along with a bottle of water, for emergencies, too.

I expect Rory has to carry Depends for when he reports on America. And it’s time for a change…

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