I’m guessing self-defense

Shooting at Nashville mall leaves 1 dead; suspect in custody
A 22-year-old man has died after a shooting at Nashville’s Opry Mills Mall, according to officials.

Emergency dispatchers first received a report of an active shooter around 2:23 p.m., but when they arrived at the mall, there was no active shooter but an altercation involving two to three people in a hallway, a spokesperson for the Nashville Police Department said in a press conference.

Well… NO. If you read the story, there had been an altercation, which was over by the time they arrived.

The suspected shooter is in custody after he initially fled the scene, police said.

Well… NO. Again. The very next line says:

He went to a ticket booth on the side of the mall, where tickets for the Grand Ole Opry are sold, and surrendered by placing the gun on the counter and telling witnesses that he wanted no more trouble and to call 911, police said.

Altercation. Two shots fired. Shooter turns gun over to witness. Surrenders. Asks for 911 to be called. While we have seen similar scenarios where the shooter was most definitely the bad guy, this doesn’t have the same feel.

Great Ghu, the response for one person shot and a shooter waiting to be arrested.

I count six ambulances, six police vehicles, and a fire truck. Hope there’s not another Waffle House shooting while they’re tied up.

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