Someone alert Sherlock Holmes

The Red Head League rides again.

13-year-old allegedly abducted and assaulted getting off school bus
A teenage boy was kidnapped from a bus stop Monday afternoon, and was found running away from suspects with torn clothes and no shoes, according to Houston police.

Not good.

The 6th grade victim told authorities that shortly after he got off the school bus, five teenage boys approached him on Greenwich and Rhobell Street, and forced him into a 4-door vehicle decorated with flames on the side.

Should be easy to spot.

The 6 suspects (5 of which are roughly 17-18 years-old) are all described as having reddish hair. The adult driver had a heavy build with arm tats. He was driving a red truck with flames on the side.

A red crew-cab truck with flames? Very easy. Stuffed full of redheads? Wait…

Parker told Eyewitness News when the group went into another room to load an alleged gun, he ran as fast as he could.

I’m not usually prone to ginger jokes, but… How many redheads does it take to load a gun?

According to Parker, the statement on the suspect’s arm says, “I hate black people.”

-blink- That strikes me as an odd choice of words for someone who would tattoo that sentiment on his arm in the first place.

The spokesman for the McDonald clan denies they had any involvement.

The police have released artist’s sketches of the suspects.

I’m hoping the “investigation” is focused on figuring what the kid was really doing all that time.

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