Santa Fe, TX

Yes, there’s been another school shooting. I’m not bothering to link to any of the stories yet, because the accounts are all still the “let’s run anything just to scoop the competition; screw accuracy” media phase. Various accounts have one shooter, two shooters, one suspect in custody, two suspects in custody, one suspect in custody and one person of interest detained, definite explosives, possible explosives, no explosives, the suspect(s) are both students, the shooter was a former student, and so on and so forth. Casualties are anywhere from 3 to ten or more dead, maybe more injured, some not by gunfire.

Most reports say the shooter wore a trenchcoat, so clearly those need to be banned.

A few reports which described the firearm at all refer to it as a “sawed-off shotgun,” which between distraught witnesses and authorized urinalists could mean anything: a short-barrel shotgun, a straight from the factory 18″ barrel, a pistol gripped weapon, or a cut down stock. Who knows yet?

One witness was fairly specific about the shooter: a former student (sophomore or junior) was always wore a trenchcoat and was “weird.” Let’s roll with some speculation on that:

Prediction, when facts settle out: Shooter was known to have mental health issues, probably with threats or acts of violence. I’m guessing SSRIs involved. People warned about him. He may have been suspended or expelled. But not arrested. He’ll be under-age to lawfully purchase a weapon. The weapon unlawfully possessed was unlawfully concealed. Murder, of course, is also unlawful.

Again, that’s idle speculation based on one witness statement to a reporter. We’ll see.

Prediction 2: The weapon will be an “assault weapon” in three… two… one…

The one thing we “know” — based on leftosphere screeching — is that this was a planned terrorist attack conducted by the NRA. I have a low opinion of the NRA, but that strikes even me as unlikely.


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