Pranking Hackers Rejoice

If there’s a may for the “authorities” to do it, so can hackers.

What new digital driver’s licenses mean for motorists, police
But digital driver’s licenses have features that plastic licenses lack, notably a date-stamp to show when the license information was last updated and the ability to update the license on the spot via a cellular network — a boon for police officers during traffic stops.
What about the security of digital licenses in an age when it seems everything can be hacked? Digital licenses are protected by password, PINs and other security features in addition to the usual security built into phones, and state authorities can wipe a digital license remotely if a driver reports it lost to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

I seem to recall a fairly recent report of Minnesota having problems with their DMV system… Yep. Can’t issue or renews plates and registration stickers. Screwed up titles. Imagine the computer decides your license is expired and updates/revokes it remotely and you never know.

Imagine hackers finding that same backchannel in. Swatters could take up a new hobby variant: revoking licenses and calling the driver in as a “drunk driver.”

(Of course, it works the other way, too. License really suspended? Hit the “dark net” and get a little help “renewing.”)

Yeah, this will go well.

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