“The highest levels of defense and national security”

This is what happens when you let self-declared tactics and weapons experts run loose.

Army’s new machine gun will blast like battle tanks

The headline isn’t necessarily the writer’s fault. An editor might have gotten confused by the chamber pressure comparisons.

Ah, nope.

The Army’s new weapon will look like a light machine gun, but will put M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank-style blasting power literally at the fingertips of U.S. soldiers.

Somehow I doubt it. Unless soldiers are also equipped with several hundred pounds of mass to deal with the tank-like recoil.

And she couldn’t leave it at that.

In terms of dispersion, both the automatic 14 inch, and the semi-automatic 7-inch will have an average mean radius of 400 meters (1,312 feet).

I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but “mean radius” usually refers to the radius of the shot grouping on the target. Why do I doubt that the Army is going to buy a gun that groups 800 meters?

Most likely, someone told her the weapon would do 14 inch groups at 400 meters on full auto, and 7 inch groups on semi. But she screwed it up by trying to throw in fancy lingo she doesn’t understand.

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