Junk Scientists for Gun Control!

To see funding sources for this utter crap, you need a paid subscription. I lack the resources for that. Drop some cash in my Tip Jar if you’d like to see me follow up in depth on stuff like this.

But I suspect Your Tax Dollars At Work.

Youth Opinions About Guns and Gun Control in the United States
Young activists and mass-shooting survivors in the United States have recently been organizing protests and demanding increased gun control measures. Although national polls have tracked adult opinions about gun control policies for decades, little is known about how youth feel about guns and/or gun control. Because the youth perspective is a powerful factor in the public debate, the goal of this study was to characterize youth opinions on guns and gun control.

First problem: How they “feel,” not what they think, or what they know.

Second problem: Methodology.

Participants were self selected. That is, people who feel strongly for gun control were the ones who decided to participate.

Participants were a poor representation of the population: 60% female (females are 51% of the population), 70% white (whites are 77% of the population).

From there, it goes downhill, as expected.

62% think gun violence would be reduced if only we made it illegal for convicted criminals to get guns.

From the preview I can see, there’s no indication that even the researchers realize that’s already illegal. Maybe they should try taking this survey.

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