New York jumps on the 3D freakout bandwagon

And shows their ignorance of the law.

Cuomo Issues Cease and Desist to 3-D Printed Gun File Distributor
Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a cease and desist letter on Tuesday to block residents in New York from downloading files that could be used to create guns with a 3-D printer.

I expected this. And it’s getting fun. They’ll have to track down everyone generating printer files and issue individual C&D letters… outside of their jurisdiction.

But wait! There’s more.

Their legislation would require an individual to have a gunsmith license to manufacture or assemble a gun that’s been printed. That individual would also have to register the gun with law enforcement and attach a serial number to the firearm. Those guns would be illegal to buy or sell without a serial number in New York.

Transferring firearms without serial numbers is already a violation of federal law (as is unlicensed manufacture for sale). You’d think gun control experts would know that.

I’m waiting for C&Ds to hardware stores selling pipe suitable for zip guns (which are easier, quicker, and cheaper to make… and more reliable).

But for those who believe in 3D-printed, fully-functional, plastic guns, check out The 3D AR Challenge! I think I’ll be handing out more Darwin Awards than 3D-printed ammunition.

2 thoughts on “New York jumps on the 3D freakout bandwagon

  1. Jay Dee August 8, 2018 / 4:29 pm

    One can only wonder that if our self styled elites are so ignorant about guns and gun control, what else are they equally ignorant about.


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