Assistance Needed

I’m going to pin this post in place for a while. Scroll down for new posts.

I need money.

You might be thinking, “Why should I send money to this low traffic blogger, who mainly posts short snark?”

That’s a valid question. Most of my posts here are snark. But I also have the Remedial Practical Civics 100 series, and a bunch of free e-books. But for the most part, this is a hobby, a place to rant.

Then there’s my work at The Zelman Partisans. I’m a site admin (design, updates, backups, etc.), do most of the original graphics, run their weekly newsletter (more time aggregating RKBA-related news, and writing a column for it), and write some of the columns there. In fact, just this morning I realized that I’ve written a full third of all the columns on TZP. That’s 263 columns (out of 782) since November 2015; probably a couple hundred thousand words in less than three years.

Those aren’t all short snark either. I analyze alleged “gun violence” research, do my own research on trends, analyze proposed laws and rules, and crime. I even propose solutions.

In my spare time left over from that, I do a lot of outreach to reporters and columnists who display a lesser grasp of facts than is desirable in someone promoting gun control. And politicians. I just spent a couple of days forcing Reuters news service to correct a chart on gun violence and publicly admit to bad math and incorrect data.

To keep doing that is going to take money. Money for basic expenses like the Internet service that keeps me connected, money for my phone so I can keep after politicians and reporters, money for truck insurance (and to fix the issues that currently make the truck somewhat less than reliable; or I’ll need to sell the truck — as-is). Rabbit food, even (to feed the rabbits, I mean). Gas money, so I can get to the feed store. Et cetera, ad infinitum.

And frankly, for a drink, to unwind after a day of all of the above plus trying to convince a college law professor — who doesn’t understand the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act — that a manufacturer should not be held responsible for the criminal misuse of their product… by someone with whom they never did business, and who may not have even used their product since it was not tied ballisticly to the crime. (Real case; real argument. The professor didn’t even realize that the jury found the company to not be liable; he thought the plaintiffs won.)

OK, maybe even two or three drinks after dealing with folks like that.

Everyone at The Zelman Partisans is a volunteer, doing it for love of liberty. TZP doesn’t make enough money to do more than pay site Internet expenses.

So I’m asking my readers (maybe a dozen Random Acts readers, and the hundreds or thousands at TZP) to give me a hand.

For those inclined and able (charity begins at home, so don’t kick in anything you can’t afford), I already have a few ways you can help.

PayPal: lovely, spendable electronic cash.

My Amazon Referral Link: Use that link to reach Amazon and buy something, and I get a commission. Not much of one these days, but every little bit would help.

Get me something from my Amazon Wish List: shirts, t-shirts, underwear, socks, TracFone time for my phone (see above about making calls).

Spendy, anonymous cash (or checks) works, too. Email me to arrange that.

Just to make available as many options as possible, I’ve decided to try a Patreon account. A steady monthly income stream sure would be nice. Patrons will get precedence for project/research suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

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