Smith & Wesson: Redeem Yourself

Some of us remember back to the Clinton administration, when S&W signed onto a government agreement to violate human/civils rights in a manner that the governemt was unable to pass as laws. The much-abbreviated version of events is that a very effective boycott ensued. S&W went bankrupt, and was bought out.

The new owners simply reneged on the deal, and thought that was that. A good many RKBA people agreed. A typical rationale was, “Well, that was the old S&W; this is new management and they didn’t do it.”

I didn’t agree. They bought the old company, name, holdings, and reputation. Part of that reputation was a willingness to go along with unconstitutional edicts.

Another problem is that Smith & Wesson never actually apologized for what they’d done. They said it was a mistake, but they didn’t say they were sorry for making it.

I’ve never bought a S&W product since, and I won’t until they make things right. And now they have a golden opportunity.

David Hogg to S&W: Donate $5 million annually to gun control or be destroyed
With a crowd estimated by the Boston Herald to number about 100 on Sunday, Hogg helped voice the group’s demands for the gun maker to donate $5 million to gun violence research per year and halt the production of firearms outlawed under the state’s assault weapons ban.

Should the company decline, Hogg tweeted, “We will destroy you by using the two things you fear most. Love and economics 🙂 see you soon.”

That’s extortion. That’s a crime, both in Mass law and federal law.

I will — finally — forgive Smith & Wesson if they will do three things.

  • Flatly tell Hogg and his band of criminals, “NO.”
  • File a criminal complaint of criminal extortion (complaints at both state and federal levels would be even better).
  • File a civil suit against the little thugs for Tortious interference.

If S&W will do these three things, all is forgiven. And, to be honest, the company has produced some stuff since the Clinton fiasco which I’d really like to buy. Finally.

I don’t insist that criminal prosecution succeed. I realize that — especially in Massachusetts — prosecutors probably won’t file actual charges. S&W filing the official, formal complaint is sufficient for my needs.

Likewise, with the civil suit. They don’t have to win it. Just try.

I want rights-violators like Hogg to learn that there are consequences for crimes. I want them to waste their own money defending themselves from the results of their own criminal acts.

Make the bastards pay. If only their own lawyers.

One thought on “Smith & Wesson: Redeem Yourself

  1. Pepe the Frog September 1, 2018 / 1:41 pm

    You aren’t wrong, but I have no expectation that Mr. Hogg will be charged with anything.

    It’s just how politics works in the banana republic of Ameri-Kwa in the 21st Century. He’s a fringe far-left figure, so anything he says or does is A-OK with the newsmedia and the Deep State. “No reasonable prosecutor would take this case.”

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