Guyger: Consider two scenarios

The case of the Dallas cop who claims she accidentally went to the wrong apartment and killed the resident just gets more suspicious.

1. Guyger’s version of events, per affidavit: She drove up one too many levels, failed to see the floor signage, walked past a bunch of unfamiliarly decorated doors to “hers” with the wrong apartment number on it and an unfamiliar door mat. The door was ajar. She shot a “burglar.” She called 911 and was asked her location. SHE WENT OUT TO SEE WHAT HER OWN APARTMENT NUMBER IS, and only then realized she was in the wrong apartment. She didn’t know her own apartment number? Hell, my apartment number 22 years ago was 6003A.

(Frankly, if I was an off-duty cop who knew backup was mere minutes away, I’d make the call and wait in the hallway for my laughing buds to cuff the perp when he came out the only (based on floor plans I saw) exit. That way, someone else has to do the paperwork after that long shift.)

But… Two witnesses say Guyger was knocking on the victim’s door; one says she was yelling, “Let me in!” It’s now being reported that “a downstairs neighbor” had made multiple noise complaints about the victim. Guyger’s apartment is direct beneath the victim’s.

2. Hypothetical scenario: Guyger heads home after a long shift (police first said it was 12 hours, and they were checking on her location and activities after she left work; when the Texas Rangers took over, it became a 15 hour shift and she went right home) — depending on when she actually finished her shift, maybe she’s drunk — she drives up to the fourth level because she’s tired and she’s gonna make damned sure that guy isn’t playing his loud Christian music (supposedly Jean sang a lot). She knocks on the door, and yells, “Let me in!” He opens up to see what the heck is going on. She shoots him. Music problem solved.

Which sounds more likely?

There are a few things I’d like to see: Time sheets showing when Guyger got off work. Her toxicology report. The video Jean’s family lawyer says they gave to the Rangers.

I wonder about those door locks in the apartments. They’re electronic. Like modern hotels (think the lock record pulled for the Mandalay Bay shooter’s room), do the locks log lock/unlock/held-open? If they do, I want to see that log.

I think I’m losing that remaining shred of respect I had for the Rangers. When they took over the case, a troubling 3 hour gap in Guyger’s timeline went away in a manner very handy for her. They prepared a warrant affidavit that gives only her version of events, which paints her as a hapless, fearful person, not a murderer. Now they’ve gotten a search warrant…

……for the victim’s apartment. To look for drugs, and for any evidence that he was a expecting a guest for whom he might’ve propped open his door at 10PM. All the better to demonize him, and to beef up Guyger’s “door ajar” story. And that means they aren’t considering witnesses claiming the cop was knocking on a closed door.

If I thought they were running an honest investigation, I might wish them luck on that drug hunt. But in six days of people looking at victim Jean’s background, the worst anyone has come up with about the squeeky-clean-clean-cut-gainfully-employed-lay-preacher-with-a-Christian-college-degree-who-was-always-nice-and-helpful is… noise complaints. Probably for singing Christian songs too loud.

If they find a marijuana roach, I’d be surprised wonder which of the cops dropped it.

One thought on “Guyger: Consider two scenarios

  1. Joel September 13, 2018 / 4:59 pm

    Apparently the guy was literally a choirboy. This is going to be hard to bury, but the rangers seem to be trying.


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