[UPDATED] Botham Jean Murder by Guyger

Updated: See below

Allow me to explain why I hold the opinion that Dallas PD officer Amber Guyger murdered Jean.

EXCLUSIVE: Video showing how heavy metal fire doors automatically slam shut in building where white Dallas cop shot her black neighbor and apartment numbers are lit up in NEON contradict her story
Police officer Amber Guyger, who fatally shot her black upstairs neighbor Botham Jean, claimed that his door was already ajar when she entered at 10 pm

Apartment door numbers are also clearly visible and lit up in neon

OK, so we knew — per her claims as listed in the Ranger affidavit — that she didn’t notice going up too many levels. She didn’t notice floor signage. She didn’t notice a walkway full of doors decorated differently than those on her floor. She didn’t notice that “her” door had acquired an unfamiliar red door mat. She didn’t notice the apartment number differed from hers.

But the door was ajar. So it must be hers? What?

I wondered about that, because given the electronic locks, automatic door closers seemed likely.

And it’s confirmed: Heavy steel fire doors with auto closers. The doors close automatically. You have to hold them open.

And the apartment numbers? Big illuminated signs, apparently more than two feet tall, not merely little numbers on the door. Hard to miss.

I do not see how Guyger could honestly make all those mistakes. Given the reports of multiple noise complaints about Jean from “the immediate downstairs neighbors about whoever was upstairs”, I believe Guyger went to Jean’s apartment deliberately, most likely to complain directly.

Whether her intent when she went there was homicidal is beside the point. She apparently initiated the encounter. And by her own admission did intentionally shoot Jean. That sounds like murder under Texas statutes.

Now, the cops are busily trying to exonerate Guyger by smearing Jean with implied drug possession, as I predicted a couple of days ago. And they’re claiming that the location of the empty cartridge cases supports Guyger’s story:

The two shell casings were found just inside the door, indicating that that’s where Guyger was standing when she fired her gun, one official said.

In fact, it suggests that Guyger was farther inside the apartment. Most semiauto pistol shooters are familiar with the general tendency of most pistol to eject to the right-rear of the shooter. Turns out, that’s been tested scientifically. The SIG P226 — standard issue DPD sidearm — was included in the tests.

73.6% of all rounds ejected to the right rear quadrant. The report doesn’t show the P226 pattern, but the P229 ejected almost exclusively to the right-rear, with 1 round going the left-rear.

But still to the rear. All of them. P226 owners, feel free to correct any misunderstanding on my part with your own experience.

Without knowing more about the apartment layout, that strongly suggests that casings found within the apartment were ejected to the rear, meaning that Guyger was farther inside and not merely at the door. Which also explains why her body armor and other gear were found inside the apartment (and presumably not blocking the door; they hauled Jean out that way, and the objects were not visible in the video).

The evidence does not support Guyger’s claim of accidentally reaching the victim’s apartment. The evidence does not support her claim that she fired from the doorway — which would have ejected her cases into the walkway outside.

If her claims are not supported by reality, then she’s not telling the truth. If she’s lying, it’s to cover up murder, or other wrongdoing.

Indict her. For murder.

Update: Someone on a forum I frequent considers all this a “terrible sequence of accidents,” and suggests a weak closer failed to close the door, or perhaps the door mat blocked it from closing.

Let’s roll with the door mat scenario: Guyger finds door ajar, wonders why her door is open. Fails to notice the red door mat which is not hers is holding the door open.

Add that to the list of improbably concatenated accidents.

I still want to know if the electronic locks have logs. If so, does the log support the “door held open” claim? South Side Flats says apartments have “Electronic Communications with Management Office,” which suggests networking, which suggests in turn that logging may exist.

Something else I wonder about: Some places I’ve lived and visited have assigned parking spaces for specific apartments. Did Guyger find a car already occupying “her” space on the wrong floor, and fail to notice that? Anyone know about reserved parking there?

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