Unassisted in Oregon


46 Oregonians’ guns seized in name of safety under new law
Reese told lawmakers that most “extreme risk protection order” cases in Multnomah County arose from a person’s threats of suicide. In several cases, people brandished weapons and threatened to shoot themselves or others before authorities took those guns under the court-granted order, he said.

Brandishing and terroristic threats can already be addressed under Oregon law (though they’re working on making threats a felony). If they saw people doing that, why did they wait until someone filed for a no-due process ERPO?

And suicide? I thought…

Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act allows terminally ill Oregon residents to obtain and use prescriptions from their physicians for self-administered, lethal medications. Physicians and patients who follow the act’s requirements are protected from criminal prosecution, and the choice of legal physician-assisted suicide cannot affect the status of a patient’s health or life insurance policy.

Oh, I get it. Suicide is only for those who aren’t much good for future tax revenues, and would be too expensive to maintain. And only if they buy expensive approved drugs.

Can’t have the revenue cows offing themselves without enriching the pharmaceutical industry.

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