I can deal with enemies, but

my abso-fucking-lutely clueless “allies”…

On the one hand, we have Say Uncle’s Quote of the Day from someone who does get it.

I was promised National Reciprocity and the Hearing Protection Act.

I got a bumpstock ban.

On the other hand, we have this ignorant twit in comments:

9. Some law talking guy Says:
October 5th, 2018 at 8:13 pm

Ok, what the ATF folks published is just a notice of PROPOSED rulemaking, whihc is just that, a proposed rule they are statutorily required to accept written public comments on and consider them in any final rulemaking. Of course the NRA and the rest will likely comment, but individuals who oppose it are welcome to file comments as well. Cough.

Then, in a year or two, ATF will publish a determination that a final rule is not warranted. If they get enough anti-comments. Cough.

You should really take a breath when you hear Trump make a “promise”, whether it’s for you or against you. He sees EVERYTHING as a negotiation, so put yourself in his shoes and think about what his “ask” was/will be from the other side to propose something as limited as a bump stock ban.

(Yes, I like Trump, but I do think bump stocks are moronic ways to burn money and I’d bet for a bunch of pro-gun stuff come 2021.)

Somehow, “Some law talking guy” completely missed the fact that this isn’t some newly published Notice of Proposed Rule Making that Trump is dangling out as negotiation bait.

The ATF didn’t just publish the NPRM. They published it in 2017, took comments, then re-opened it this year. Comments closed three months ago (193,297 comments submitted, roughly 80% opposed). Despite opposing comments, and the fact that the NPRM is based on a lie as to how bump-fire stocks work, and an unsubstantiated allegation of criminal use, Trump has announced that the rule is going to be published and implemented in 2-3 weeks.

Where the hell was this guy?

On the gripping hand, it’s probably just as well that our little legal expert missed out; Ghu knows what he would have done to damage the cause of freedom.

Wait… Ray, is that you again?

Why the hell do I even bother anymore?

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