The Notabomber Conspiracy

  • Monday: “Bomb” found in Soros’ mail box; we’re told later it was hand delivered, not USPS. (1)
  • Wednesday: Clinton and Obama “bombs,” Holder “bomb” returned to “Shultz.” 2 Waters “bombs” intercepted. CNN/”Brenan” bomb delivered by courier. (6)Waters device(s) are the source of fingerprints and DNA that will lead to suspect.
  • Thursday: Biden, 2; De Niro, 1. (3)
  • Friday: Harris, Steyer, Booker, Clapper (4)10AM: Busted

As noted, none of the “bombs” of which we’ve seen x-rays were functional; they lacked an initiator (although a crazed idiot, ignorant of how blombs are detonated, might have followed provided bogus instructions). The CNN/”Brenan” “bomb” lacked a timer; it used a clock with no alarm output; one might wonder what the hell the notabomber thought he was attaching wires to.

Of 14 “bombs” none detonated, even accidentally. 0-14. A football coach would be fired.

It’s been reported that all of these notabombs went through the USPS, through the Opa-Locka, FL facility. Oddly, of the packages I’ve seen, only one showed any postage cancellation marks, even though all reportedly had postage stamps affixed.

I received a parcel via USPS that had postage stamps. Here’s how USPS dealt with that.

That was canceled multiple times, hitting each and every stamp with a cancellation mark.

How about these notabomb packages?

See anything? How did 6 or more packages make it through USPS without stamp cancellation?

In two cases, we know recipients handled suspected bombs rather oddly. The Soros package, which should have been suspicious already, having shown up in a mail box when we’re told Soros uses a courier service, was simply carried back outside. If I’d found what I believed to be a bomb, I’d leave it alone for the pros to move.

CNN was so frightened of the “Brenan” bomb that, rather than retreating and waiting for the police bomb squad, they stayed in the room and took pictures from multiple angles. Again, I’d leave that to pros (the pros who reportedly did haul it away in a blast containment vessel).

According to the time line, the suspect’s fingerprints and DNA were found on a Waters notabomb recovered on Wednesday. Fast forward no more than 48 hours, and they’ve arrested the suspect so identified.

I’ll believe fingerprints could be run well within that time frame. DNA? Not so much. While there is an experiment DNA-analysis-on-a-chip systems being lab-tested, I’ve never heard of it being fielded.

This forensic scientist says DNA analysis in her lab would take over 54 hours. Analysis. That still leaves matching to a sample in a database. Her estimate is for the actual process, and does not take into account time to collect evidence, courier samples to the lab, or courier results to someone who’ll do the matching. Other estimates put the process at anywhere from 24-72 hours, to as much as 2 weeks.

So it isn’t impossible. Merely… oddly fast. Leading to a suspect…

With a number of peculiarities.

He claims to be Native American (apparently Seminole). The Seminoles say he’s not. His cousin says he’s Italian/Filipino.

He claims to represent Hard Rock Cafe. Hard Rock says not.

He represents Seminole casinos… not that either.

He’s a Republican. A registered Republican.

Except he was convicted on a felony charge in 2014. Florida felons can’t register to vote unless they’ve received clemency from the governor, which can take years to obtain. After the end of the sentence. The suspect was arrested on another felony charge of probation violation in 2015, meaning he was still under sentence at that time.

Did Governor Scott give clemency to a felon with an arrest history dating back to at least 1990, whose charges included drug possession, steroid possession, battery, car theft, grand theft, and… a bomb threat? Bankrupt and living in a van? I’ve inquired of the governor’s office; I’ll update if I receive an answer. If he didn’t, how did he register to vote?

And are bankrupt, homeless, drug abusing Italian/Filipino stripper-felons identifying as Native Americans– and who follow almost exclusively left-wingers like Obama and CNN, but no Republicans, on Twitter — a usual Republican demographic?

A seemingly schizophrenic felon suddenly mailed “bombs,” incapable of going off, through USPS without getting stamps canceled. In 48 hours or less, they identify him through fingerprints and DNA, get his phone number, track the phone, and find him at a store, bypassing the address listed in his dubious voter registration, and arrest him. The bankrupt homeless guy has a apparently newly painted van equipped with professionally printed pro-Trump/anti-CNN/Clinton/et al posters, which are not cheap (there are two identical posters on both sides of the van).

We need a whole lot more facts. Because right now, it rather looks as though someone cruised social media looking for a schizophrenic with a history of bomb threats. And groomed him into a super-Trumpster. They provided him with plausible (to the uninformed) instructions for harmless pipe notabombs, and steered him at Trump critics. One or two packages reportedly had postage cancellation marks (one did, and the Biden package had a “postage due” note), so the suspect probably mailed those, leaving a convenient trail back to him. The handler arranged for the others to reach designated destinations — where folks like CNN were remarkably unafraid of their “bomb” — through channels not involving proper postage cancellation.

It looks like someone set up the lunatic as the fall-guy for a scheme to drum up voter sympathy for Democrats, without actually endangering the “targets.”

I call him the “Notabomber.”

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