Meanwhile in the Florida Court-run coup…

Vote-by-mail and provisional ballots have become increasingly popular, Walker said, but the county canvassing boards, which determine whether a voter’s signature on vote-by-mail and provisional ballots match state records, are “staffed by laypersons that are not required to undergo formal handwriting-analysis education or training.”

But those untrained people, who aren’t qualified to see a signature doesn’t match, are qualified to see a signature does match? WTF?

Nevertheless, ballots considered to have “mismatched signatures” are rejected as invalid votes. Voters who are notified before Election Day of this discrepancy on their ballot can attempt to “cure,” or address the problem, but the judge ruled that under previous law, the window to do so was too narrow, and in some cases, nonexistent.

Why was two whole extra days “too narrow”? Absentees ballots, sure. The voter wouldn’t know they were rejected.

Provisional? The voter knew. The voter had days to fix it. Two days has been fine since at least 2010; more than eight years. But suddenly Democrats see a chance to win this election with bad ballots, and this Obama-appointee suddenly discover that two days is too narrow?

If this “last chance” to cure is denied, “Florida law provides no opportunity for voters to challenge the determination of the canvassing board that their signatures do not match, and their votes do not count,” Walker ruled.

Florida provided an opportunity. They either failed to avail themselves of it, or they couldn’t make a signature close enough to the real voter’s sig.

Why bother with elections? Just let Obama appointees choose their preferred Democrat.

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