You want to lose your rights?

This is how you lose your rights.

I have several prebuilt news searches on topics which I use to track down 2A/firearms/rights news, which I then collate for The Zelman Partisans‘ weekly newsletter. One of the items I check every day is “bump stock rule”. It hasn’t yielded much in the way of results lately.

Until yesterday.

These aren’t old posts and articles. They are all new; dated 11/15/2018. They seemingly only now became aware of the threat of a bump-fire ban.

My personal favorite was this one:

CORRECTION: New Bump Fire Stock Regulation Not Published Yet in Federal Register or Final

Zimmerman originally posted that the rule was published and now in effect. He corrected that, but thinks Trump initiated this in February. He’s only off by a few months, as Trump actually instructed the DOJ to look into reclassifying bump-fire stocks last year. And the shrieking started in October after the Mandalay Bay shooting.

I’ve been writing about this for more than a year. Pointlessly, I see, since all these folks failed to notice the issue until Thursday.

Why do I even bother?

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