How many times did Stacey Abrams vote?

According to NPR, Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams had a little trouble voting.

In an interview with Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee said that when she went to vote last month, a poll worker initially told her that she had requested an absentee ballot and couldn’t cast an in-person vote. Abrams replied that she never filed for an absentee ballot, and after a conversation with the site’s manager, the matter was quickly resolved.

“I did it quietly. I didn’t turn it into a major conversation because, for me, it was about getting through the process,” Abrams said. Followed by cameras to the polls, she said kept the snafu under wraps because “I was not trying to embarrass anyone, but I did want it fixed.”

The correct way to “fix” that situation — where the records show the voter already had an absentee ballot, and is seeming trying to vote twice — would be to cast a provisional ballot. Then she would have to go back within 3 days to show that she hadn’t actually cast that recorded absentee ballot; to “cure” her ballot.

She account doesn’t make clear what she actually did. So I asked.

Personally, I wonder if she didn’t threaten the poll workers until they simply let her cast a regular ballot.

If I don’t get an answer, or if my suspicion is confirmed, I may have to do a open records request for the status of that potential absentee ballot. Was it cast? If so, did the signature match Abrams’ signature?

If Abrams somehow cast a regular in-person ballot — when supposedly the records showed her requesting an absentee ballot — then some poll workers need to be asked some tough questions about they let Abrams violate the law regarding provisional voting.

Of course, the possibility remains that Abrams lied about the alleged incident in her interview. In which case, it would be one more piece of evidence for her being unfit to be governor.


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