Warning Fatigue

The weather decided to get interesting. Thunderstorms, rain, a little wind, some impressive ground strikes.

And cell phone tornado warnings. I got one: tornado warning till whenever. I checked radar, with the warning overlays. Yep, could be headed my way.

Then I got another tornado warning. Checked radar map, and the warning grid had simply advanced.

The I got the third damned “warning.” Yeah, grid advanced one more. But I’m still within the original actual warning. I’m just getting automated alarms as the warning grid advances. Not particularly useful, NWS.

So when the frickin’ fourth warning came in, I blew it off while I played another hand of solitaire.

But sunnuvabitch. That was actually a new warning, for a new bit of rotation detected.

Four alarms. Two radar sightings of “rotation.” (And no confirmed spotter sightings on either.)

At that, it’s not as bad as this state’s* “Amber Alerts.” Those come in with car make, very occasionally a model, pretty much never a year or color. No descriptions of kid or alleged kidnapper. But I do get the make and license plate number.

So Amber Alerts are useless for watchful citizens, but are peachy for warning a suspected kidnapper that they’re onto him, and it’s time to switch vehicles.

* Florida’s Amber Alerts are much better. Names, descriptions of everyone and the vehicle, suspected area. I could do something with that.

If I lived anywhere near south Florida. Which I don’t. Best I can figure is the wireless carrier has the Amber Alert routing tables in the switch all fucked up.

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