About that Alabama mall shooting

First, the Hoover police department praised their — still unnamed — officed for killing Emantic “EJ” Bradford Jr., whom they identified as the shooter.

Then they admitted the guy shot by the cop wasn’t shooter, but he was “brandishing” a gun.

Then they admitted he wasn’t brandishing it, but merely had it in his hand.


They said Bradford had a handgun visible after the initial gunfire…

Visible. So the cop shot him from behind three times.

Police in Hoover reiterated Monday that they won’t release officer video or other evidence about the Thanksgiving night killing until the state investigation is complete. They released a letter from state investigators expressing concern that the investigation could be jeopardized or hindered if information is released.

Investigation. They supposedly have the real shooter in custody. Unless they lied about that, too. My guess is, they aren’t releasing jack until they can invent a story “exonerating their — still unnamed — officer.

What will we learn next? That the cop shot the little girl, too?

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