Who shot the girl in the Alabama mall?

A few days ago, I noted the ever-changing story about the Hoover police officer who shot Emantic “EJ” Bradford Jr: he was the killer, he wasn’t but was “brandishing” a gun, wasn’t brandishing but was “holding,” and then a gun was “visible.” At that point, I wondered

What will we learn next? That the cop shot the little girl, too?

This morning, I read a report about the person actually charged in the shooting. The usual “I didn’t start it.” And then I saw this several paragraphs down:

Brown, 20, is charged in a shooting that wounded Brian Xavier Wilson, 18, of Birmingham. A 12-year-old girl also was shot in the back, but no one has been charged with wounding her.

At this point, we have only been told of two people who fired shots: Brown and the still unnamed cop. The police have said Bradford’s gun hadn’t been fired.

Brown isn’t charged with shooting the girl.

Who shot the little girl?

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