[Update] Hate Crimes

Update: Oh, definitely see below.

Last week, some scumbag killed 7 year-old Jazmine Barnes. Momma was sure it was a hate crime because the shooter was a white man in his forties driving a red pickup truck.

No. The police report charging a 20 year-old black man with capital murder His alleged accomplice was a 24 year-old black man. Police say they believe the shooting was gang-related, and Jazmine’s car was targeted in a case of mistaken identity.

I was dubious. statistically speaking, males in their forties are comparatively unlikely murderers. White fortyish males are even less likely.

But you hit the murder jackpot with… black males 20-24yo. 4 times more likely than 40-44 white males.

The police say the racial confusion apparently came from witnesses seeing the white guy trying to escape the scene of the shooting and just assuming he was the killer.

Think about that.

You’ve got a couple of gangbangers smack in the middle of the murder sweet spot, and a middle-aged white dude. Clearly whitey did it. Fuck facts.

Yes, there was a hate crime.

I’m reminded of another hate crime by a white guy in a red truck. That one was bogus, too. Funny that both were in Houston.

ADDED: I wondered about the “gang-related, but mistaken identity” bit. I had a suspicion there was a lot more to it: Why did multiple witnesses decided to finger someone whose description was exactly opposite that of the perp? Unless they knew the shooter(s) and were covering for them?

Well, well, well.

Momma and the shooter were Facebook friends. I suspect the friendship (or gang affiliation) extends to meatspace.

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