Trump and Republicans — which sounds like a high school garage band, and has almost as much political acumen — have caved. On border security, this time. “Temporarily.”

Three weeks to “negotiate.” And our amateur musicians think they can manage to get border security in the permanent funding deal. Even though they demonstrated the willingness to cave already.

Maybe they’ll surprise me. It isn’t impossible. But if they don’t manage to locate both balls and brains…

Prior to 2019, the Republicans held the House, Senate, and White House. They achieved that by among other things promising to repeal Obamacare. They didn’t.

With the House, Senate, and White House, they failed to deliver hearing protection, national reciprocal carry, or any other meaningful 2A protection.

They failed to to properly investigate and punish the IRS (non-profit scandal), the ATF (Fast & Furious, Gunwalker II, and the many… backfired stings), HRC (Benghazi, Uranium One, email, willful mishandling of classified material), and so much more.

Far from protecting 2A human/civil rights, they supported (and still are, to extent of sponsoring legislation) universal preemptively-prove-your-innocence prior restraint, “assault weapon” bans, and did manage a ban on inert bump-fire stocks, in a way that — especially with an incoming socialist Democrat administration will lead to — at the very least — a ban on semi-automatic firearms.

For Ghu’s sake, they’re trying to give us swamp creature William Barr as AG. Again. Draining the swamp? “You keep using that word…”

Unless the Republicans finally act with brains and courage — they currently appear to possess as much of those qualities as a finely diced planarian — the party is dead.

I expect the Democrats (unless they formally change the name to Democratic Socialists by then) to take the House, Senate, and White House in the 2020 elections.

The Republicans will have eliminated themselves as a viable political force on the national level; they may hold some sway at the local and state levels, but I’m not betting on that.

That leaves the Democrat machine, and a handful of very minor third parties representing tiny blocs, on the national field. Essentially the Democrats will have no challengers.

Generations of conditioning have trained voters to look to the Democrats or Republicans. It’s rare for a third party or independent candidate to get voted into office at anything above the level of state legislator.

Republican/Democrat ballot access laws — which will still be there, limiting challengers to the Democrats — have seen to that, too.

Someone I know has suggested that 2020 votes will be split between the Democrats and … write-ins. Probably. Unfortunately, write-ins won’t be coordinated enough to defeat the Democrats. At the national level, a write-in candidate will not gain a plurality, much less a majority. So…


Especially with their new voters. Please note that Trump and the Republicans have already conceded on green cards for currently illegal aliens. The Democrats are not going to let them take that back off the table.

Now note that Democrats have pushed for years to allow green card holders to vote in state and local elections. Which, by past voter fraud history, means they vote in national elections, too; because no one has a registration system to tell them apart.

Expect the green card vote to pass into federal law in time for 2020. Because Republican politicians are stupid, with all the self-awareness of a cucumber.

2020: Democrat White House, Senate, House.

By 2024, one won’t even need a green card to vote, much less citizenship.

By 2026, citizenship in anything called the United States will be moot.

Thank you, Republicans.

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