VAWA 2019

I’m a little late to this game due to other topics I’ve been addressing elsewhere. I hear the House has passed the Violence Against Women Act of 2019. Since the Senate is also full of idiots, I’m not going to bet against it dying there.

I haven’t been through the whole thing, but I wanted to check on some of the stuff related to “losing” one’s 2A rights. The issue is the definition of domestic violence. The Socialists are painting this as merely applying the definition to stalkers and former “dating partners,” claiming that it currently doesn’t include anyone but spouses and live-in partners.

The definition.

.—The term ‘domesic violence’ means a pattern of behavior involving the use or attempted use of physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, economic, or technological abuse or any other coercive behavior committed, enabled, or solicited to gain or maintain power and control over a victim, by a person who—

Wait. That’s new. What’s “technological abuse”?

.—The term technological abuse’ means behavior intended to harm, threaten, intimidate, control, stalk, harass, impersonate, or monitor, except as otherwise permitted by law, another person, that occurs using the Internet, internet enabled devices, social networking sites, computers, mobile devices, cellular telephones, apps, location tracking devices, instant messages, text messages, or other forms of technology. Technological abuse may include

“Monitor.” A passive action which doesn’t require interacting with the “victim” at all. If the Socialists have their way…

Ever look up an old high school boyfriend or girlfriend on Twitter or Facebook, just out of curiosity over what they’re doing these days? Ever check that twice?

Congratulations! You just established a pattern of technological abuse, and committed an act of domestic violence. No Second Amendment for you.

But maybe that wouldn’t really count. What is a “dating partner”?

(i) a dating partner or former dating partner (as defined in section 2266);

Let’s mosey on over to 18 USC Section 2266.

(10)Dating partner.—The term “dating partner” refers to a person who is or has been in a social relationship of a romantic or intimate nature with the abuser.

Yep. It can be pretty much anyone you ever dated just once. Like the psycho girl you only went out with once because you realized she was psycho.

Don’t look her up on the ‘Net to find out if she’s coming for you. That would be domestic violence.

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