Investigative Reporter Discovers No One Enforced Law; Demands More Laws

Andy Pierotti, investigative reporter has discovered that Georgia doesn’t have a law to disarm felons and domestic violence offenders. And thinks it’s important.

Man accused of killing pregnant girlfriend shouldn’t have had a gun
Federal law prohibits convicted abusers from possessing guns, but Georgia doesn’t have a mechanism to confiscate those firearms.

No prob, Andy. Bucket O’ Chum was a convicted felon. He was released in 1995, after the Brady Bill was in effect. If laws actually stopped criminals from getting guns, he wouldn’t have had one to confiscate.

But, no. 93% of firearms used in crimes are obtained through unlawful channels that bypass laws: theft, black market, and straw purchases are the biggies.

So chumboy got a gun. Because background checks don’t really work (for instance, the ATF reports that over 3,000 prohibited persons per year managed to pass a NICS check).

And if somehow it was discovered that chumbucket had a gun and they confiscated it… lather, rinse, repeat. He’d just get another like he got the first one. When he got out of prison.

The fact that Georgia doesn’t have a specific law to confiscate felons’ guns (not simply domestic violence, you know) means exactly zip. If they don’t know the felon has a gun, they can’t confiscate it. If they do know, they can arrest him — felon in possession is a crime, you know… right? — and confiscate it.

Even a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction makes one a prohibited person. So — again — it’s a felony for an offender to have a gun; has been for decades. If they knew, they could have arrested him. And confiscated the gun.

So, Andy, the problem isn’t that they lacked a law to disarm the asshole. The problem is that they didn’t use existing laws to disarm him and toss his useless butt back into prison.

Do we really need yet another law to not enforce?

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