Burris Falls On His Blade

The Toledo Blade has been virulently anti-rights for decades. But this editorial…

To conquer gun violence, we all have a duty
Another shooting at another place of worship. A woman dead. A 19-year old boy the shooter, armed with an assault weapon. The only reason more people did not die is that his gun jammed.

1. A nineteen year-old is an adult, not a boy.

2. Authorities say he lawfully purchased the firearm, which means it wasn’t an “assault weapon” even under California’s hyper-extreme laws.

3. He reportedly fired 10 shots, which is all a lawful California-compliant POS can hold. It didn’t jam; he ran out of ammo and needed to reload.

4. The reason more people didn’t die is because Oscar Stewart and Jonathan Morales ran the coward off at defensive gunpoint.

Four sentences. Four “facts” wrong. That may be a record even for the Toledo Blade.

Not even going to read more. If Burris has to lead with lies to support his opinion, his opinion isn’t worth my time. Or yours.

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