Jeez. THAT argument again.

I somehow ended up at a congresscritter’s Twitter feed, where he was expressing sympathy for the folks of Virginia Beach. Most of the replies were demands for — never defined — new victim disarmament laws.

So I issued a challenge: propose specific constitutional laws which — if in place — would have prevented chumbucket’s murders.


But one Mike Taxter did take the time to declare that, ” Silencers, semi automatics, high capacity magazines and gun clips are not a 2A right.”

and even DRED SCOTT

The Supreme Court disagrees.

So he cited another tweet calling for an amendment of the Second Amendment. I noted that HELLER already addressed that point. So he fell back on this tired argument:

No. It’s an abomination and completely wrong to consider these inventions as what the framers thought were needed in 1791. We don’t need an armed militia in 2019 either. Keep your pistol and hunting rifles; go the range and hunt little birds. Fix the laws or Amend the language.

Yadda yadda. The framers never envisioned the development of new technologies, so the 2A shouldn’t apply to them.

Says the guy using an electrically powered computer to exercise his 1A right to free speech over a complex, worldwide telecommunications network. I’ll expect any further replies to be submitted via quill penned letter on parchment, delivered by messenger on horseback.

Because the framers, who lived in a time when repeating firearms, breechloaders, and early cartridges were being developed; who included a Copyright and Patent Clause to promote innovation, invention, and progress, could never have envisioned modern firearms or communication technology.

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