VA Gov pushing for rights-violations that wouldn’t even help

I’ll lead with this quote:

Ralphie ‘Coonman’ Gosnell Northam, Democrat, and Governor of Virginia needs to not let any crisis go to waste. Mainly to distract from his position on infanticide, bedsheets, and shoe polish. So he is flagging the gun ban stuff in Virginia.
– New Jovian Thunderbolt

Next up is ‘Coonman’s’ tyranny wishlist, petulantly demanded in response to the Virgina Beach murders.

Universal background checks
According to police and ATF, they traced all his guns and they were purchased lawfully. Complete with background checks. Would have done nothing.

Child access prevention
Chumbucket was 40 years of age. That doesn’t count as a child even in Virginia, no matter how childish their governor acts. Would have done nothing.

One gun a month limits
Police & ATF: The guns chumbucket carried were purchased in 2016 and 2018. This is 2019. Would have done nothing.

Banning assault weapons, including bump stocks
He used pistols. No bump-fire stocks. Would have done nothing.

Requirement to report lost or stolen guns
They weren’t stolen. Would have done nothing.

Allowing localities to ban guns from municipal buildings
Virginia Beach bans employees having guns in the building. Chum was an employee. Would have done nothing.

Red flag laws
One anonymous report indicated possible problems. The police and chum’s supervisor deny those reports. One indicator that the people speaking publicly are correct is that chum wasn’t taken into custody under… wait for it… Virginia’s existing Emergency Custody Order and Temporary Detention Order laws. (Yes, existing laws to hold people who might be a danger, but with effectively the same due process that a person arrested on criminals charges would have; due process lacking in “red flag” laws.)

Would. Have. Done. Nothing.

I don’t see it in T-Bolt’s list, but I understand that C-man also wants to ban suppressors.

Bucket O’Chum had one suppressor. He had two pistols chambered in .45 ACP. Clearly, he wasn’t letting the lack of a suppressor for the other pistol deter him.

Again, would have done nothing. To stop the crime; I guarantee they’ll rape Virginians’ human/civil rights.

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