Told you so, Winkeler

Four months ago idjit Les Winkeler dismissed any and all concerns over Illinois’ SB0337. The bill was designed to make doing business as an FFL cost prohibitive.

I disagreed with him.

So does Lost Creek Trading Post in Marshall, Illinois.

RELOCATION OF LOST CREEK TRADING POST. After 14 1/2 years Lost Creek will be relocating to our Indiana location in August. / September 2019.
The Illinois Legislature’s Gun Dealer Licensing Act is unreasonable and cost prohibitive for us at this time. As of July 14th, we will be unable to sell firearms to you in Illinois. After this date, we may remain open a short time for sales of gun related items, but no firearms.
Presently we have everything except firearms at 10% off, (in store items only).
We would like to thank our friends and customers who have supported us over the years. It is sad that because of the lawmakers in Illinois, we are forced to close our store in Marshall.

Victim disarmers win. You were saying, Les?

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