How much is Bloomberg paying you, Harold?

Harold Hutchison has long been a shill for the Vichy NRA, but he’s reaching new lows. If Ammoland continues to publish his columns they should tag them “Know Your Enemy;” it’s good to know what the rights violators are planning.

Setting the Right Priorities to Defend the Second Amendment
When it comes to defending our Second Amendment rights, there are a lot of potential fights. We are seeing attacks on multiple fronts, along with efforts to move forward on some other issues. But what should be the biggest priority? Do we fight bump stock and suppressor bans? Do we focus on getting judges who will enforce our Second Amendment rights? What about the many fights at the state and local levels of government?

The problem is: I don’t see anything in there about… you know, actually defending the Second Amendment.

What is there?

  • Don’t try to pass pro-rights federal legislation.
  • Don’t try for state-level protections against corporate rights violations.
  • Don’t fight for bump-fire or suppressors.

And Harold, Trump didn’t merely “go along with an administrative bump-stock ban.” He ordered it. At the prompting of the VNRA.

And those wonderful pro-gun judges he appointed? Tell me about them. Explain how refusing a temporary stay on the bump-fire stock ban advanced the Second Amendment — or property — rights of hundreds of thousands of its victims. Tell me how refusing to hear the Kansas suppressor case advanced our Second Amendment — or state — rights.

So what does Vidkun Hutchison suggest that we do?

  • continuing the confirmation of judges” who will ignore our rights as much as “pro-2A” Gorsuch and Kavanaugh did.
  • ” ensure the re-election” of possibly the most actively anti-2A president in decades.
  • “address the abuses of power coming from the Cuomo regime – and any copycat efforts elsewhere” because they’re attacking his beloved Vichy NRA.
  • begin work to pass laws to address corporate gun control from companies like Salesforce.”

Wait… What, Harold? You just said we should ignore other Second Amendment issues, like maybe passing state-level protections against corporate gun control by banks and companies like Salesforce.” We’re only supposed to hold pointless “hearings [that] can put pressure on companies” without legislation, remember?

Allow me to give you the TL;DR: Surrender. Reelect a demonstrably anti-rights president. Protect the VNRA.

Fuck you, Harold.

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